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MX Nitro: Unleashed invites you to blaze into motocross racing nirvana! Freestyle through the air with 55 death-defying tricks to earn Nitro speed boosts in your battles against new hardcore bosses. MX Nitro: Unleashed expands upon the original MX Nitro with new tracks, new bosses, and new outfits. The game also includes several improvements from the original including improved visuals, from rider textures to the water, and new Easy difficulty mode.

  • Death-defying Stunts - Over 50 stunts to perform in blazing fast motocross races.
  • Extreme Solo Campaign - 40 hour solo campaign to keep winning and unlock unique rider skins, bike upgrades, ace challenges and grab achievements.
  • Memorable Bosses & Worldwide Tracks - Race against unique bosses one on one and defeat them to earn special rewards. Featuring more than 40 tracks around the globe.