Your Privacy & Data Collection

To operate the online modes of [Game] we require collection of data which is considered personal information by EU and US legislation. By consenting to this agreement you confirm that you are 16 years old (13 in the UK or the US) or older and that you give your consents to the collection of the following data: Account unique ID, Nickname, IP, Country Code.

In addition to the above-mentioned data, for analytics to improve the game we collect Device Unique ID / Mac Address and information resulting from the following in-game actions: Items bought in-game, Games modes played, Matchmaking times, Friends with whom you played online matches, Names of people with whom you played.

You can opt-out or opt-in of the data collection at any time via the game options. Please note that not giving your consent may result in the unavailability of game modes that require personal information in order to work correctly.

If you like to receive a copy of the data collected from you or if you would like to request the deletion of the collected data, please write an email to [email protected]. This email needs to include your Privacy & Data Collection ID to process your request.